It so turns out that I have to readdress the fact that I am one of the most unbalanced people in the world. After having fallen a few weeks ago whilst out hiking (you may or may not have seen a previous post explaining that in a little more detail), I decided it was time to visit a doctor considering how much time had passed and how swollen and bruised my entire shin still was.
Said Doctor informed me that he feared that my leg was actually broken, to which my response was something vaguely along the lines of ‘Are you having  laugh, Sir?’. I’d been hobbling around for two weeks just fine, and I’ve broken bones before so I know that’s not a thing that should be possible. But after returning from the Doctor and putting aside some time to scroll through google, it turns out it is possible and then got a little panicked because that would really screw up some all important plans over the coming months – like scaling some new mountains and what not.

Admittedly, it took a bit of time for me to decide whether or not I actually wanted to know, because if I could walk just fine, it couldn’t be too bad surely, and I could continue doing the same rather than be forced to walk around on crutches for 2 months. But in the end, blissful ignorance was trumped by the fear induced by scrolling through poor medical websites.

So, after a cool blue dress and a couple of x-rays on an extremely cold table, it turned out that my leg was not broken and I’m smarter than a Doctor. Many positive things have come from the experience. The first is that my leg isn’t broken – great news. The second is that paired with being slightly addicted to watching House and repeating medical vocabulary I don’t have a clue about, I’m fairly certain that I can now pursue a medical career successfully. Thirdly, I got to keep the x-rays and kids are super awed by the fact that they can see inside Miss Ella’s leg.



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