Some may call it wishful thinking to assume that the beach is a good idea when a thunderstorm is due on a tropical island in South Korea. Actually, the reason that you decide to do this is pure exhaustion which I have recently discovered leads to stupid decisions seeming completely rational. Upon landing on Jeju after a 2am flight, no sleep and a heavy night of drinking and goodbyes the night before, it so occurred that Carly and I ended up traipsing to the beach despite all weather forecasts warning of rain and thunder all day. But we were in dire need of a nap and, maybe we were seeing things, but I swear there was just a glimmer of blue sky lingering on that horizon at 7am after landing, so naturally the beach was exactly where we went to lie down for a few hours. Did we bring a waterproof I hear you ask? – no, no we did not. Or maybe an umbrella?- no no, still no. Actually, what occurred, is that after about 40 minutes of shut eye, Carly and I were woken up by some fat raindrops and some chilly gusts of wind, only to find ourselves, twenty minutes later, drenched to the bone in those super stylish full length plastic raincoats you can pick up from your local 7/11. All good things, all good things. So glad that it happened in Korea where I’m constantly turning my head at all the chicly dressed, gorgeous people that live here. 


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