If you’ve never heard of Jeju then I’ll give you an incredibly quick rundown. Jeju-do is a tropical island off the coast of South Korea. It’s known for its gorgeous beaches, hiking, volcanoes, stunning rocky cliffs and it’s pretty much a top honeymoon stop in Asia. More importantly it’s home to the bibimbap, aka one of my favourite things in the world, and some pretty mean tasting seafood. For someone like me, providing the weather is good, it’s a great place to get your hike on, with countless trails spidering all over the island. The local olle trails are paths used by locals and tourists alike exploring all over the island, and if you should happen to end up in Jeju in search of a stretch of the legs, then it’s a great idea to go find one and have a pleasant day out hiking. Fortunately, you can do as short as 7km to as long as about 25km, and there are some up and down difficult ones or some pleasant coastline ones too. All in all that means no excuses. It’s a great way to get your explore on.


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