It’s always interesting to learn some niche little things about a place that you’ve visited – the kind of things you don’t pick up when you’re sat googling in your own living room. I met a lot of locals whilst traveling in Seoul who imparted a lot of interesting facts for me to chew on about Korea. Stuff about the military, stuff about their relationship with North Korea, stuff about their attitude toward plastic surgery. Overall I picked up a lot of interesting things. One of the other things I learnt when traveling here is that if you ask a guy how old he is in Korea, his answer isn’t the same as his international age. So, in Korea, when you’re born, you are already a year old and you then age another year every January. Upon asking a Korean how old they are then, be sure to ask their international age. There’s a nice little slice of knowledge for you all to show off at your next big family gathering.


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