Whilst there’s no denying that I completely fell head over heels for Seoul, it isn’t a perfect place. Whether you’ve heard about it or not there’s a huge importance in Korea, most particularly in Seoul, placed on how you look. For this reason a huge amount of young women undergo plastic surgery and it’s not unusual for you to see people in the street with their bandages still on from their most recent episode- it’s very accepted. Whilst the whole idea of it seems kind of strange to me, and I’d prefer to think in terms of you should be happy with what you’ve got, I suppose if having surgery makes you feel happier within yourself, there’s no real harm to it, as long as that is where it ends. There’s no denying that Seoul is an incredibly vain city – everybody looks incredible and you turn your head at a lot of the gorgeous people who walk past you dressed in the coolest clothes you’ve seen in years. That being said, and maybe it’s a sweeping generalisation, I think it makes a lot of people there kind of stiff, or at least a little too concerned with how they look to others to take the time to really enjoy themselves. If there is one thing I’d take away from Hong Kong, in particular living with Carly, it’s that being ‘too cool’ to do something because of how others might perceive you only means that you miss out on a hell of a lot of fun. For example, maybe you’re too cool to admit that you actually love to listen to Justin Bieber and you know all of the lyrics to all of his songs – you’re the only one missing out on something you love for fear of how others will judge you and that’s just lame isn’t it. In Korean clubs, the girls like to play it safe, they’ll bop along to music soullessly – you know the exact kind of dancing I’m talking about. It so occurs that when you enter said club and start doing the stanky leg (badly) you seem to get a lot of attention. My point being – who really cares when you’re having an amazing time.



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