I’m aware that there is often a stigma attached to eating street food when you visit a place, particularly when you’re eating street food in Asia. It’s not uncommon to hear the words ‘dirty’ or ‘food poisoning’ alongside the idea of it. (You should note that this is more so than not from the mouths of westerners.)I’ve visited a fair few places in Asia now and lived off street food in the majority of them, even in Beijing which I had heard some nasty rumours about. I tend to go with the general rule that if it looks dirty it probably is so don’t eat it, or alternatively, if the locals are eating it, it’s absolutely fine for you to do the same. But overall it’s definitely a way to get to grips with the local food, the local way of eating and saving a few extra coins as well. By no means am I suggesting that you shouldn’t be munching in restaurants too, just that if you visit somewhere, don’t be shy of trying food from the stalls.
I’ve just finished exploring some of the best street markets in Jeju and Seoul and I highly recommend you do the same because Korean street food is out of this world yummy.

In Jeju head to: Dongmun market in Jeju city or the local olle market in Seogwipo.

In Seoul, don’t miss out on: Gwangjan market – arguably the best one in the city. Myeongdong also has some great food going on down every street.



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