Okinawa is a large Japanese island and for want of a better analogy it’s the Hawaii of Asia. It’s one of many gorgeous islands that make up the Ryukyu islands with an incredibly laid back feel and natural coastal views that just don’t get boring to look at or dive into. I had heard of Okinawa for a couple of reasons. The first was because of its role in the Second World War. It’s not hard to miss the American influence here, besides all the military camps still in action, the towns and shops seem to have been frozen in sixties America, or at least how I imagine sixties America to be. Like, did I expect people to just start singing songs from Grease at any moment? – yes, yes I did. But the American influence has also meant the cuisine of Okinawa is quite interesting. It’s not short of pancake houses and smoothie joints, nor has it been shy of blending east and west to make things like taco rice. Queue the applause.The other reason I had heard of this island was because somewhere down the line I’ve been told that the people who live here happen to have the longest, healthiest lives in the world. When you visit the island, it’s quite easy to believe that assertion. Ain’t no stress for miles.

Rain or shine, this island is beautiful. It’s home to the bluest water I’ve ever had the pleasure of swimming in and it’s also got some of the world’s best diving. So really there’s more than a handful of reasons that you should be visiting. 


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