I don’t want to spark any arguments here, or call into question just how delicious Italian ice cream is, but I have to say it, I think I prefer Japanese. It’s been a toying and difficult time for me to actually come to that decision. Many sleepless nights have passed, many tears have been shed, but I think it’s time to admit it. I had the pleasure of living in Italy so I’m not denouncing their talent with ice cream in the slightest and they definitely take the lead on the range of flavours available and the culture of going for an ice cream with everyone else in the village at 11pm. But there’s just something about the creaminess of a good Hokkaido milk ice cream that knows no bounds of pleasure. 

 NB: I’d like to take the opportunity to specify that I won’t under any circumstances be denying an Italian ice cream if it is offered to me.

NB#2: If you find yourself in Okinawa, don’t be shy of trying their signature flavour of ice cream – Benimo, which is sweet potato ice cream and somewhat life changing. 


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