I have to say that since moving to Asia, I’ve quickly turned into a tofu champion. The stuff is just so damn tasty when you put it with the right stuff and the right stuff has certainly not been short on my travels throughout Asia. Upon visiting Okinawa last week, Carly and I stumbled upon the opportunity to make our own tofu – Okinawa style. Yushidofu is a soft tofu particular to Okinawa and one could compare drinking it to the comfort of a nice warm hug next to the fireplace on a cold winter’s day – just trade cold winter’s day for 30 degree heat, clear blue skies and soaring humidity. To make it you need a bit of soy milk heated, and just before boiling you wanna take it off, add some Nigari water, stir three times and then leave covered for three minutes. Super detailed I know, but that little simple instruction is going to leave your belly and heart happy.


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