I have to admit that whilst I’m a huge fan of Asian cuisines, I haven’t yet swapped my breakfast to it. It’s still all about a big cup of coffee and a bowl of yogurt or oats or eggs – aka no big bowls of noodles before 11 as a general rule. However, amongst the hustle and bustle of Tokyo lies the Tsujiki fish market, where fresh fish is served every morning from the crack of dawn. This might be the freshest sushi you’ll ever have and you’ll be joining both locals and tourists alike to queue outside the restaurants to treat your belly to it. I’ve never had raw fish melt in my mouth quite like it. Most travel blogs will tell you to get there before any sane people should really be awake for their day, and there’s no harm in doing that if you hold sushi in a high enough regard to dedicate cutting a night of sleep short for it, however, it’s not totally necessary. Carly and I arrived around 11 and still had an aquarium’s worth of fresh sushi. I have to admit that despite being a sushi fan, it’s not top of my list in the morning. However, I treated my tastebuds to some raw fish, a cup of green tea and a bowl of miso (#healthqueen #fitness #bodyisatemple) and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.


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