I can’t say that I’m a person who has terrible difficulty falling asleep. Usually, it’s a hit the mattress, pass out kind of scenario. But I’m not unaware of those little sound systems where you can choose the waves crashing or water dripping to help you drift off. I have to say that I’m now a total advocate of falling asleep to the sound of the jungle (the real deal not the pre recorded stuff because there’s no surprises there) – crickets, bugs, birds and many other creatures that you’ll never know the name of or for what sound they are responsible. Once you’ve got past the thought that a loud sound is most definitely some large wild cat or a python or maybe even a rhino and these could well be your last few seconds on earth, you’ll find the experience incredibly relaxing, and thus fall into one of the deepest sleeps of your life with super weird dreams – possibly also about wild cats, pythons and rhinos in close proximity to you. 


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