I know what you’re thinking, I’ve just moved to Taiwan, a place renowned for its huge amounts of absolutely delicious food, why on earth is my first post here about mac and cheese? I’ll divulge. I just had the pleasure of spending a week training in Taipei with a great bunch of people. This group happened to be a pretty even split of North Americans and Brits, and the divide was a real thing. Amongst multiple translations of English to American and vice versa, the best of which were most certainly explaining the term ‘off your tits’ and arguing over whether it was the Hokey Pokey or the Hokey Cokey (Americans should note that my phone just automatically capitalised the latter and so the British were most certainly correct on this front), there was also a whole lot of insight into one another’s cultures – most importantly it seems that all North Americans hold Mac and Cheese in the highest esteem. I mean, it’s pretty good in my experience, but it’s not Shepherd’s pie or anything else smothered in gravy that the Brits hold so dear to them. That being said, upon recommendation of where to find the best baked Mac and Cheese in Taiwan, myself and a bunch of people from over the pond ventured to go and find it. Admittedly, after having a somewhat terribly hungover day, sitting in a cool little bar, drinking root beer, playing board games and eating the most delicious mac and cheese did in fact go down as a swell night in Taipei, and was exactly what everybody needed. And I wouldn’t be lying if I said that maybe now I do get the whole Mac and Cheese is one of the best things in the world assertion – that was pretty damn tasty. If you do find yourself craving carbs and cheese then I’ll pass on the recommendation of The Hammer in Taipei, run by a very pleasant Canadian man called Patrick. (He also sells a lot of good beer, which I might have tried had the thought of alcohol that day not made me shiver a little.)


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