Part of the reason that I moved to Taiwan was to get pretty sick at Mandarin (hoping to reach that status any day now), and I have to admit, being in a country where there’s a lot less English than in Hong Kong is forcing me to pick up the basics pretty quickly. To put it in simple terms, I already know a heck of a lot more Mandarin in a month than I did Cantonese in a year. All that being said, I’d still like to underline that I’m still very much at the level of suckish. Seeing as though there is a lot less English though, one of the biggest difficulties is working out the bus system. Sometimes, you’ll nail it. Sometimes, your friends won’t. Sometimes you’ll have to frantically wave at your friend to get off the bus for fear of them ending up at some far off and magical destination in rural Taiwan. Hopefully, with more time and more practice this will happen less often. 


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