I’ve probably posted many things along a similar line because I am continuously confronted with acts of kindness, and if I haven’t that’s incredibly ridiculous of me. This week I found myself pretty run down with a bad cold, caused by the universal truth that kids love to sneeze on you and are full of icky things. Having a cold when you’re teaching can be equated to death because kids definitely pick up on it and act the worst they can possibly imagine, thus the cold worsens, you lose your voice and most likely your will to live – it’s a terribly vicious circle. I’d like to point out that I’ve been here a month and I don’t yet know many people who would actively look after me in times when I’m feeling sorry for myself and would give anything to be back at home with my mum, which it turns out is a frequent desire as a 23 year old. However, true to form, the Taiwanese are the best of people. This week I was escorted to the doctor, translated for, given lots of soup that I would have otherwise not uncovered the existence of, and cuddled endlessly until I returned to adequate health. So whilst being ill is always hideous, being nursed back to health is most certainly not.


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