Whilst wandering around China, Japan and Taiwan, and I’m sure a fair few other Asian countries, there’s no shortage of seeing people with their mouths and noses covered with a  facemask. Sometimes it’s for the air pollution, sometimes it’s for sickness. On both occasions, expats I have met along the way tend to regard them as incredibly uncomfortable and would in general rather not. If I’ve been asked to wear one in the past, I found I have felt more ill as the day has progressed, even if not particularly ill to begin with, because of the idea that anything I do actually have is constantly trapped against my face. I have no idea if there’s any science in that at all, but in my head it makes perfect sense. As a consequence I have been, true to my stubborn nature, incredibly reluctant to go around fashioning one.

That being said, this week I finally succumbed to a week under the mask. I just didn’t seem to be getting better very quickly and I decided that was because I was constantly coming into contact with ill kids who gave me something new when my immune system was down. It turns out that I got a lot better quite quickly once I stopped being a stubborn ass. It also kept my face warm on a scooter so all around it wasn’t actually that bad. Maybe I can bring the trend back to the UK at some point.


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