It so transpires that all the Americans I have met recently are under the impression that the English don’t use the phrase ‘Merry Christmas’. According to them, we all say ‘Happy Christmas’, which I found troublesome because I’m almost certain I always use the phrase ‘Merry Christmas’. I found it further troubling to discover that this assumption was entirely based upon two things. One: Harry Potter (Ron: Happy Christmas, Harry. Harry: Happy Christmas, Ron) and two: John Lennon’s ‘War is Over’. Whilst all people included within this scenario are a completely realistic example of the whole of the British people, it simply isn’t a fact that we don’t say Merry Christmas. Realistically, who says Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year anyway, that’s just silly.

Anyway, I began to doubt myself somewhat when I called the UK on Christmas morning to speak to my family and upon answering the phone my Mum greeted me with a ‘Happy Christmas’. Recollecting this event to the Americans I spent Christmas with pleased them a lot.


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