I can’t be certain but I’m pretty sure that the past 365 days of my life have passed much quicker than any other collection of 365 days. That being said, I thought something very similar last year and I can only imagine that an identical thought will pass through my mind 365 days from this moment.

Nobody’s been shy of saying what a screwed up year this has been and I’m more than happy to jump onto that bandwagon waving a flag of wholehearted agreement, because it really has sucked on a lot of levels. But all things considered, and I’ve mentioned it before, this has in fact been the best year of my life. I’ve done so many incredible things, met so many beautiful people inside and out who have been armed with inspiring stories and every day that passes the world holds its arms wide open with new adventures for me to embark upon.

This time of year always has people looking back at what has happened. I’m no stranger to this. This past week has seen me flicking through old photos and posts and delving into memories of past new years. It feels like an age ago that I was sat in a living room in the town that I grew up in, with old friends, completely in love with my college boyfriend with no idea even what university I was going to. Skip a year or two and I’m stood on a bridge in Edinburgh with a few of my favourite people in the world watching the castle light up before going on an epically late night hunt for chicken nuggets whilst resembling something vaguely similar to the michelin man. Fast forward a few years and I’m on a boat with new friends watching the fireworks over Hong Kong. This year, I’ll be on a rooftop in Taipei soaking in a little more Asia and I imagine, as tends to be the case, a little too much alcohol in games of fat chicken. I’d love to avoid the cheesy cliches right now, but let’s be honest, there’s really no knowing which road life is going to take you down.

Looking back is all very well and good, sometimes sad if you come to realise, like myself, that you’re now 7000 miles away from where those memories were created, but time keeps on ticking on and those days are simply memories for me to take with me along the way now. In consideration however, I have come a really long way, literally and metaphorically, and I’m very proud of the person these past few years have shaped me into. I hope that 2017 brings me just as much happiness and success as my past years have. And I have absolutely no doubts that it will.

Lastly, I hope this year we are all a little nicer to each other, pledge to show a little more love and stop collectively making really stupid decisions. Fingers crossed.

Happy New Year – El x


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