img_3858My love affair with Taiwan was well and truly sealed upon visiting this gorgeous area in the South of the island – think tropical paradise and you’ve hit the nail on the head. Part of the reason I moved to Taiwan was because I had heard and partially seen what a breathtaking and diverse landscape it had – Kenting is definitely no scratch to this reputation. It’s home to beautiful sandy beaches, amazing surf, mountains, amazing food (as is always the case in this country) and the most southern tip of Taiwan. A weekend spent watching the world go by here will not fall short of gorgeous.

Getting there

Taiwan is actually a very easy and cheap island to manoeuvre around, however the HSR doesn’t quite get you as far as Kenting. If you’re grabbing the high speed down from Taipei, or anywhere North, then you’ll stop in Zuoying, a station in Kaohsiung. From there you can jump on an express bus or a taxi will work out cheaper if there are 4+ of you. There are also buses traveling down to Kenting from other major cities, so if you don’t mind the long journey, this is the cheapest way to get there.

Getting around

Put bluntly, get yourself a scooter and explore. It’s the cheapest and easiest option so there’s really no excuse. Fortunately, down here, it’s pretty easy to find somewhere that will rent you one without a license.

What to do

Explore, explore and explore more. You’re in one of Taiwan’s many breathtakingly beautiful national parks so days that look like postcards are most definitely going to be on your itinerary anyway, but here are some of the specifics…

Go to the beach

I don’t know about anyone else, but when I thought of Taiwan, gorgeous white sandy beaches/ tropical paradise wasn’t actually the first thing to pop into my head, but the beaches down here will change that pretty quickly. The best beach for a chill and a nap is most certainly Baisha. An afternoon spent floating in opal water will have you feeling a million miles away from responsibilities. Whilst it’s possible to swim here, do note that the surf can get quite large and occasionally the no swimming flag will be raised. At first this may disappoint you, until you take a second to observe the waves and realise that entering the water would end in certain death for you.


There’s no shortage of surf down here, that much is true. Head to South Bay or Jialeshui on the Pacific side to find the big ones. I had a vague intention to get in the water with a surfboard until I saw the size of these waves, but if you’re experienced then this will be your paradise.

Head to Eluanbi Cape

Explore the little area towards the very south of the National Park. It’s home to Taiwan’s tallest lighthouse and some more gorgeous scenery. It’s also super close to Taiwan’s most southern point, which is always cool to get a picture at. From here, ride your scooter up the east coast to Jialeshui. The way is windy but the views will most certainly take your breath away.


I think this will be a given activity in pretty much anywhere you visit in this country since Taiwan is home to the yummiest food. I got told this a lot when I was living in Hong Kong and I’m not about to deny it under any circumstances. Kenting won’t let you down on this either. Head to the night market in Hencheng for some yummy street food or bob into some of the local restaurants.

Otherwise, this place is one of those where you should just meander through by driving your scooter through the gorgeous scenery. You won’t be short of things to see and your camera will definitely have a few hundred photos added, I’m sure.


2 thoughts on “Kenting (垦丁)

  1. I discovered Kenting by accident when I was in Taiwan for two weeks. It was recommended to me by another traveller and sounded like fun. I was there for two days, and I saw the same things you did. The national park was so much fun to explore by scooter.

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