I’d like to begin by claiming that I was no exception to the rule – preteens and teens, myself included, are the worst. I know that there are hormones flying all over the shop and pressures from each and every direction, especially in Asia, but what happens in those teenage years that makes the majority of individuals forget how to just be good and decent people?

I’m currently experiencing that thing that all teachers have to deal with at one point in their teaching life – that one class that you would rather suddenly be struck by illness for than have to attend. They’re rude, they’re naughty and they’re damn disrespectful and most time spent with them is a battle to hold onto your sanity. The worst part is, that on the ever diminishing occasions that they all decide to be in a fantastic, fun mood, they are in fact my favourites to teach, because actually, they’re all pretty big and quirky characters. Sadly, it’s such a rarity that I’ve given up hope that all of them will be in a decent mood at the same time until, what, maybe seven years in the future when they emerge from their teenage monster shells into some vague sense of human beings.

PS: Sorry to my parents for being a terrible teenager. You did good.


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