The 7/11. Have you ever come across another green, red and orange glaring sign that could answer so many of your prayers at once?

Can you print this for me? Can you send this for me? Did a parcel come for me today and if so can I have it? Need an atm that won’t swallow your foreign cards, it’s the one. Can you order me a taxi? Need a caffeine hit, don’t worry, it’s got your back. Snacks, no problem. Whole meal, sure. Swig of strong liquor, yes, it can accommodate. Can I just sit here for a while and have a breather, of course you can. But who knew that it would be so kind as to microwave your microwave popcorn for you (yes, for those that know me from the UK, the popcorn addiction continues). There’s really nothing that it won’t do for you.


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