dumplingsIt has been unanimously agreed (by myself and my bestest, who also happens to be an amazing foodie with a brand new website that you should most certainly go and check out dimsumdiet.com) that dumplings are in fact the best food in the world. There’s really no arguing with it because it’s just one of those universal truths that life ever so rarely presents us with. Steam em, fry em, boil em, queue in a long line for them, they’ll always make your belly and your heart happy. 

For example:

A: What do you want for dinner tonight?
B: Hmmm, I’m not sure.
A: How about dumplings?
B: Nah, I don’t really feel like dumplings tonight.
A: You’re kidding right? How can you not be in the mood for dumplings?
B: Of course mate, I’m only pulling your leg. I’m always in the mood for dumplings. 
A: You and me both. Isn’t everyone?

*walk happily together towards the dumpling shop*

Not that you need anything more convincing than the above but here are some direct quotes about this beautiful thing:

Shannon Nolan: Dumplings are little sacks of deliciousness. I prefer the boob looking ones over the rolled cigar types personally, those are the cutest and juiciest.dumplings3

Dad: Soup dumplings are fantastic, ingenious and delicious.

Tom Beaumont: I love them as much as you.* That’s the most.

Carly Hamilton: Ooooooo you know I have lot to say about dumplings! Dumplings just make all things better, like good luck being in a bad mood after dumplings, and what is the best is that there are SO MANY VARIETIES OH MY WORD also when am I ever not in the mood for dumplings, the answer is never.



*if they are dipped in sauce.


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