Now, standing still on an escalator I can fully understand (as long as you stand on the correct side people). There’s a gradient and some days the thought of stairs is just a little too much, especially if they’re to get out of some of those damn deep tube stations in London. But, along a flat surface, I just can’t quite get on board with the whole standing still thing. For starters, they move at rather ridiculously slow pace and standing still on them actually slows you down. Secondly, why wouldn’t you want to have that cool feeling of walking at the speed you normally jog at without any extra effort? Overall, it makes very little sense to me. Finally, if you’re not fit enough to walk along a flat surface for approximately ten seconds then you should really be trying to find a doctors office at the end of a travelator, because, and I don’t mean to sound rude, a lifestyle change might be in order.

Perhaps I’m being a little rash in getting annoyed by those people that do remain still on them. Perhaps this post was induced by the fact that I leave things to the last minute and had to maintain quite a pace to get through Hong Kong airport to catch my flight the other morning and those people slowed me down somewhat. Perhaps. Just perhaps though.


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