One of the great things about where I’m currently living is that right outside my door is Hsinchu’s traditional market. So yes, that means in the am when I haven’t been prepared enough to think what I’m going to have for breakfast the day before, I can nip downstairs, pick up a couple of fresh oranges and passion fruits and have a reasonably healthy start to the day. It’s all very dandy really. I’d love to present you with a picture of how it looks but the truth is walking down the road is a death wish at times and being on your phone will intensify your chances of being hit by a scooter exponentially. But picture a long, narrowish road, cars included, with colorful fruit and vegetable stalls either side, people shouting Chinese at you, regular crowds of people gathered round foodie things that I don’t understand a word of, vans parked here, scooters and people colliding regularly because everyone’s too busy looking at food to observe what’s in front of them. Then triple the chaos I’m trying to paint. That’s just on a normal weekday. 
Throw in Chinese New Year, which is like Christmas on MD, and you’ve basically created a road that’s vaguely what I imagine when the word ‘apocalypse’ is mentioned. I’m honestly amazed I’ve made it to Friday at this point, it was touch and go for a while.


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