There’s no doubt about it – we are a tech savvy, screen addicted, virtual reality group of humans. At some point in the last ten/fifteen years, kids stopped venturing outside to play with their friends and started shooting strangers over the internet instead. I have really fond memories of a childhood where I played cricket and had water fights with the boys across the road, went caravanning with my grandparents and swam in rivers during cold British summer and was put in a little dingy boat to race my brother on the lakes. I guess I was probably one of the last generations of children that actually spent their spare time outdoors rather than attached to a screen – I’m very grateful for that. But I have to admit, whilst I’m still pretty outdoorsy, I still fall into the trend of being incredibly addicted to my phone and there’s no going anywhere without it anymore. It’s not something I’m particularly proud of, but every single thing in my life is pretty much organized via technology which makes it difficult to lead a life where it isn’t on my body at all times. Fortunately, I haven’t yet become one of those mad gamer types and still find endless joy in seeking out cool spots with my friends and skimming rocks into the water. Everyone should take the time to revisit this pastime – it’s far more enjoyable than you remember it being. You may even find that you’re not as useless at it as you had previously thought.


One thought on “174. Skimming stones can provide endless entertainment.

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