Korean movies and tv, and music for that matter, has a particularly special place in my heart at the moment, because it’s awesome. So when the opportunity to watch a Korean horror movie presented itself, of course, I took it. I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of horror movies – not necessarily because they scare me, but because I think they’re ridiculous for the most part. However, this one successfully made me feel uncomfortable for a while afterwards.

Anyone that wants to fill me in on the title of this movie is more than welcome to seeing as though, being unable to speak Korean and unable to read the majority of Chinese, I was unable to follow the plot in as much detail as others, but it’s easy to guess what’s going on in horror films.

It starts like this: a Korean man is driving through the mountains and he suddenly hits this deer. He gets out to check the state of his car, leaving the seemingly dead deer in the road. But was the deer dead, I hear you ask? No. The deer was not dead but was in fact now a zombie deer!?!?! As expected, this zombie deer then spreads the zombieness to humans, and thus the apocalypse begins. Cut to a young girl and her hard working business dad who has clearly spent too much time in the office instead of with his daughter. Guilt fills the screen. Whilst on a train traveling to an unknown destination, but presumably a known destination if you understand Korean, a zombie manages to get on the train and chaos descends. You can imagine the ins and outs of the rest of the movie. It’s actually very gripping and filled with all the blood and gore that you’d expect from a zombie movie.

What I do not suggest is, after watching this movie, you get straight on to a packed train. I guarantee that your thought process will be similar to mine… ‘Is that person a zombie or are they just tired?’ ‘Where is the place with the nearest exit points?’ ‘I’d definitely die in a zombie apocalypse’ ‘A zombie apocalypse is definitely going to happen whilst I’m on this train’ and so on and so forth.


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