When you’ve done your fair share of traveling around Asia, and other continents I’m sure, you’ll probably have frequented a hot spring at some point. I have personally frequented many, particularly around Japan, but the novelty has kind of worn off somewhat since time and time again I was going to a built up/fancy, albeit pleasant, manmade tub of water that was using hot spring water. Now, there really is no problem with that, but in my head I still consider a hot spring a pool of muddyish water somewhere hidden in the mountains, without a booth to charge you for the pleasure of sitting in it anywhere in sight. I know that these exist, but often finding them is the most difficult of tasks. 

However, over Chinese New Year, my buddies and I jumped on a scooter, fled to the east coast of Taiwan and drove up into the mountains after hearing about some non touristy ones hidden up there. Every year, in typhoon season, the hot spring will be buried in landslides and river flooding, and every year, after typhoon season, a few locals will come and dig it back up.

It did not disappoint. After a short wander down to the river, three hot pools of water emerged. So we sat for an afternoon, wandering to and fro between the fresh cold water of the river and the hot water of the pools, tanning in the Taiwanese sun. Happy Chinese New Year indeed.


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