It often transpires in Asia that you’re placed in situations where you’re not really sure what is actually happening, you’re not really sure what you’re eating and you can’t really believe that you’re fortunate enough to call it your life. As with all things – go with the flow. 

Whilst visiting Dulan (都蘭), a village in the east of Taiwan, the other week with some friends, we attended the famous sugar factory for some live music. Walking around Dulan in the day doesn’t totally suggest ‘deserted’ by any means, it’s a hive of activity really, but I wasn’t expecting quite so many people to emerge for the occasion of an old Taiwanese man singing outside a crumbling sugar factory around a bonfire.

There have been countless occasions so far whilst living here where I haven’t even the faintest idea what people are saying to me – queue the usual smile and nod or shrug and/or quiet, shameful utterance of ‘wǒ bù dǒng’ (note that these are becoming less frequent now). But despite not understanding a word of what this Taiwanese man was singing or talking about, there’s no denying how enjoyable it was to sit and listen to him with new friends, munching on the ever so reliable collection of weird and wonderful Taiwanese snacks.


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