Nobody is under any illusion that Asia doesn’t have an abundance of incredible food to fill your belly. Hello 6 meals a day lifestyle, not including snacks (only slightly kidding). But, at least in China, there’s one particular thing that I’m not on board with. WHY ARE YOU PUTTING SO MUCH SUGAR IN BREAD?

I haven’t yet come across a piece of bread in Asia that isn’t dreadfully sweet. Growing up in the UK, where an excellent seeded (not sweet) loaf doesn’t break the bank and is available at any time of day, has possibly influenced this somewhat snobbish post, but honestly this is a conversation that has come up time and time again amongst many of my expat friends both here in Taiwan and in Hong Kong. Seriously, where is all the good bread Asia?


Ps: Send bread.


5 thoughts on “182. Living in Asia is basically just a constant search for good bread.

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