I’m in a bit of a love hate relationship with the ten year old kids I am teaching – if you know me then you’ll most likely have heard me complain about them once or twice (on a much too regular basis). For the most part, they’re a group of rowdy boys who are exceptionally intelligent and a lot of fun to teach, but as well as this, they’re also a group of rowdy boys who are exceptionally stubborn and would rather spend 90 minutes throwing a ball at each others heads repeatedly than try to learn English – fortunately I have come up with a few ways in which the learning and the ball throwing can be combined.

Anyway, today they had a midterm exam which of course comes with a speaking exam. The test requires them to answer 9 questions surrounding what we have been learning and then they have to ask the teacher 1 question at the end. Most kids will take a long pause and ask a question almost identical to one of the nine you have just asked them, which is totally acceptable, but every so often a kid will wow you with something original.

So I’m sat in a box room with my least favourite (rude/naughty/unfocused) ten year old asking him the 9 questions I just asked the other 10 kids.

‘Okay ****, now can you ask me a question?’
Long pause.
‘Teacher Ella, do you have a boyfriend?’
Longer pause.



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