There are many benefits to living on a tropical island – exotic tasting fruit: mild temperatures: increased number of beach days. There are however a couple of drawbacks. With a tropical climate comes tropical creatures and none reign quite so annoying as the mosquito. 

How can something so small ignite so much rage? How can a single little bug steal so much of your focus, your sleep and your time? It seems that with each day that passes here in Taiwan, more minutes of my life are spent gazing around my room before I go to bed frantically searching for the single mosquito that flew past my eyes only seconds before and has now performed the magical trick of disappearing … just waiting to attack. Every so often you catch it perching on the wall, do that insanely slow walk towards it in the hope that it might not spot you and go for the quick hit only to find that it has evaded you once again and you’ve hurt your hand. But we can all agree that its worst crime is when you’re already tucked up in bed, cosy with the lights out, that you hear its chronic little buzz swoop past your ear and you freak out all limbs flailing.



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