I’m positive I haven’t been shy of raving about the efficient transport system of Hong Kong – who wouldn’t praise a city where the longest you have to wait for anything is about 3 minutes (usually). That being said, this weekend I popped back over to see some old friends and show some new people around the amazing place and I can’t say the transport lived up to its reputation.

We took a trip up to Sai Wan to explore the beautiful beaches and waterfalls of the Sai Kung country park. Everything was going pretty swell and we were sat at the beach waiting for a boat to take us back to the main town, only to find, at 5:45, that the boats were cancelled due to the big waves. So off we went to hike back the way we came to get the bus back up the 5 mile dirt track before hitting civilization again. Of course, this too failed, because upon reaching the bus stop in the middle of nowhere, with no phone reception, we came across a long queue of people who had also had their boats cancelled.

So in true British fashion we queued and waited for our bus.  In an ideal world, it would be at this point that the bus would come and take all the people back to the town. Sadly, this is not an ideal world, and this ideal situation did not occur. Instead, the bus informed at least 50 people that no more buses would be coming, and people would instead have to trudge the 5 mile track back to the park entrance, in what was now darkness. So off a herd of 50 people went, ominously into the mountains.

It was at this point that the unanimous decision was made between myself, my brother and my friend, that given we only had 3 days in Hong Kong, no more time could be wasted and so we ran. Five miles in the darkness, no food, minimal water, scary cows occasionally jumping out at us, we ran all the way back to the park entrance and somehow still managed to find the energy to face the Mong Kok markets at 9:30pm on a Sunday night.




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