Most people who have visited Taiwan aren’t shy of telling you how breathtakingly beautiful the east coast can be. Picture mountains seemingly sliding into the big blue Pacific, gorges steeped in silver stone, sparkling water lapped by white horses and the occasional thrill seeking surfer – if you’d have told me Taiwan was this two years ago, I might have even had to check on a map to see where it was before laughing at the prospect that nobody I knew had ever stepped a foot there, and seemingly nobody had anything to say about it at all. Standing on the water shore of Taitung county on Taiwan’s east coast, you’ll see Green island, and if you’re like me and curiosity draws you to islands like a moth to a flame, then you’ll be straight on the boat to visit it. I can promise you that it won’t let you down. Rent yourself a scooter, do a few laps, explore its ragged cliffs and caves, its sandy beaches and its beautiful coral filled with all the fish you’ll liken to Finding Nemo and more. 

Taiwan, you did good. Again. 


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