I know it’s a corny thing to say but in honour of not really giving a second thought to that, I’ll say it anyway, I’m happy – truly, thoroughly and endlessly happy.

And once upon a time that might have scared me a little. I’ve read the books, I’ve heard the passing comments – nobody can possibly be this happy all the time. It can all change in a heartbeat..

But then, as my family and I were driving the east coast of Taiwan and I watched the cliffs of the island disappear into opal waters, some good music in my ears and some good people by my side I realised that maybe this kind of happiness can last forever. You see, there will always be mountains and there will always be clouds to coat them. There will always be the ocean and there will always be sunshine to make it sparkle. And there will always be good people and good music and good, real, honest love in the world.

And so, as it happens, I’m 100% certain that this kind of happiness is untouchable.



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