You know, I honestly can’t wait until the day that I find myself in an appropriate situation to get a couple of dogs to spend my days with. What brilliant creatures they are – forever loyal, much too cute and endlessly entertaining. Some of my best memories growing up feature my dog. There’s nothing quite like walking into a home where someone is always happy to see you, always ready to bound up to you, tail wagging and mouth smiling. 

This weekend, I was out hiking in Taiwan’s beautiful mountains, when, upon starting the track two dogs appeared bounding down the path towards us. Admittedly, Taiwan has a bit of a stray dog problem, and they can be particularly territorial at times, (they haven’t been shy of chasing a scooter now and again), so being faced with two alone in the woods miles from civilisation was a moment of ‘oh sh*t’. But as they neared, bounding down the hill with tails wagging, it was pretty clear they were a friendly duo.

I thought, after giving them a stroke, that we would then go our separate ways. How wrong I was. They accompanied me all the way to the top of the mountain. I thought that given how friendly and healthy they looked, they might belong to the 92 year old man at the entrance to the mountain and they spent their days playing in the woods whilst he wandered around his house, no longer able to climb to the top. It was upon the return to see said man that he had no idea what dogs I was talking about.

So it turns out these two dogs are friendly and are also pretty damn smart. Because, being a sucker for most cute creatures, of course I shared my baozi and my water with them on a hot day in May. Of course, I stroked them and played with them. And of course, I wasn’t the only person they had done that to that day. Because a moment with my back turned, they had gone to happily greet another person sat at the top who also gave them a spot of something to eat.

 Had it been any other animal, I might have felt a little used, but the fact of the matter is, they walked me all the way up the mountain, and what better company is there than a couple of canines?


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