The classroom is a place with endless entertainment and endless blunders. For example, perhaps you might initiate a spelling race between your kids. Perhaps you might ask two of them to run to the board and spell ‘ship’ and per chance they mishear you and write the word ‘sh*t’ in big green letters on the whiteboard. At this point you will try to hide the instant reaction of belly laughing so that they don’t cotton on to the idea such a word has any associated meaning. But let’s say one of them is watching your facial expression ever so closely and sees that slight twinge of the corner of your mouth heading for a smirk before you can rectify it. And suddenly she shouts ‘sh*t’ at the top of her voice. And then before you know it, you’ve found yourself in a room with 20 seven year olds running around screaming sh*t, literally, at the top of their lungs, whilst you pray your boss doesn’t walk in before you get the situation under control.

Hypothetically, of course.


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