Having made my dumplings, (see previous post) it came to my attention that no dumpling is ever fully complete without the help of its trusty sidekick, soy sauce – the heart and soul of nearly all Chinese cuisine. Naturally, on my way home from work, I stopped by the supermarket to quickly pick up a bottle of it before heading home to catch up with my bestest, Lo – a conversation that I was looking forward to for reasons besides the fact that dumplings would accompany it.

Now, the optimistic side of me was expecting a quick run in and out, but the optimistic me was quickly disappointed given that, upon finding the sauce aisle, I suddenly remembered the millions of other sauces that are thrown into Chinese cooking. Queue terrible flashbacks of the time I accidentally bathed a dumpling in vinegar instead of soy sauce – I was holding back tears.

I stood gazing longingly at the bottles in front of me, hoping that if I stared long enough I might suddenly understand which characters indicated soy sauce – sadly this did not occur. Even after a google, I couldn’t see any of those characters on the labels of the bottles facing me. Once again, I reverted to sending a picture to a person who could speak Chinese, at which point you’d think it would get easier but you’re wrong! It didn’t. Because the reply was not telling me which bottle to buy, only asking me ‘what kind of soy sauce did I want?’ My response was silence. I just wanted some damn soy sauce for my dumplings.

Not to worry though, all was eventually solved in a time much longer than I had hoped. A huge bottle of soy sauce was purchased in the hope that I never have to do it again.


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