216. When it rains, it pours.

It’s rainy season here in Taiwan and as you may have guessed that means a rather large amount of water to cope with. Being British, you’d think that maybe I’d have learned to deal with the vast amounts of water that pour themselves over the British landscape throughout a much too large percentage of the year, but British rain and Taiwan rain are merely distant cousins, baring little to no resemblance of each other. Continue reading “216. When it rains, it pours.”


215. Practice your Chinese under the pressure of an audience.

The other week, after my Chinese class, the teacher and myself headed out to get some traditional Taiwanese food. Now, I pretty much always eat local food and whilst I often am the only foreigner present, it rarely merits me getting stared at apart from by babies, which seems to happen to me in whatever country that I go to. However, for whatever reason, this particular joint that we walked into did that thing you see in movies where everyone goes quiet when you enter, at which point my Chinese teacher announced that I was here to learn Chinese.

The remainder of the meal was spent speaking Chinese, eating Taiwanese food and the rest of the restaurant sat listening and watching.

I took a bow upon leaving.