As it so happens, I am in fact a morning person. You’ll rarely catch me sleeping past 8 nowadays, even on the weekend. I simply find that before noon, I’m doubly as productive as I am after it, and thus it really benefits me to get out of bed. I also find that with the hot summer days now in Taiwan, the mornings are cooler and anything in the afternoon needs to be completed with air conditioning or a cold mountain river to jump into.

That being said I’m currently trying to train for a half marathon. This is a big deal for somebody like me who runs at the pace of a turtle maybe once a week for twenty minutes. There was a point in my life where, for about six months, I did find running quite enjoyable but those days are long behind me and now the idea of running 21k almost sickens me, thus why I am going to do it. We’ll see how it pans out. That means that I have to run a couple of times a week for not too long and have one big run at the weekend.

Last weekend was my first long run and I headed up to a reservoir towards the mountains to complete a 10k up and down some hills. I had meant to set an alarm for 6:45, which I did, it’s just I set it for the evening, which was not very useful to me at all. I therefore woke up at 7:50 to the heat and bright light of the morning with the thought ‘dang it’ running through my mind. By the time I started running it was already nearly 9 and that means it was already 30degrees and 100% humidity and it was only going to get hotter with every kilometre. The 10k was completed at my typically slow and steady pace and I can only liken it to running constantly for an hour in a sauna – it was disgusting – but it has been completed. And this weekends longer run will be started at 6am with an alarm set for the correct half of the day.


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