I am eternally grateful for having skin that doesn’t turn into a typically red British mess when it meets the sun. I’ve always been quietly thankful that I’m not one of those glaringly white people on the beaches in Europe, quite obviously from the UK, who you need sunglasses just to look at because their skin is so white. That being said, having skin that turns to tan within an hour does have its drawbacks – chief being that you quickly end up fashioning the outline of whatever clothes you’ve been wearing for the next three months.

This summer, I’m sporting a nice big white X on my back from my running vest – it’s this season’s must have. Shoe lines to compliment it – in the shape of two white strap lines across my feet. Anything else? Of course, add a nice shorts line to that equation. Doesn’t that sound just wonderful?



3 thoughts on “219. The sun will leave its mark.

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