The title of this post probably makes it sound more profound than it actually is. In actual fact, I am writing about food again.

The more I move around the world, the bigger my belly becomes (no regrets); every country is filled to the brim with yummy things to try. Inevitably though, once you’ve left somewhere and their delicious food behind you, especially if you’ve spent an extended period of time there, then you grow to really miss the 水餃 and the 小籠包 even if a piping hot plate of incredible pasta is placed in front of you.

Unfortunately, Italy isn’t really famous for its international approach to dining and finding good food from any other culture is basically impossible if you ask me. With that in mind, you have to create your own versions of the things you left behind. Ie: you have to bring Taiwan and Hong Kong to your little home in the North of Italy.

For sure, this mission might take you months. You have to source all the ingredients or find something slightly similar at least, you have to find the time to convince people that Chinese food isn’t always the sticky, oily rubbish you get in the restaurants here and then you have to find the time to sit down and make however many dumplings you desire — not a quick process I might add. But the end results are worth it and my freezer is now overflowing with dumplings for whenever I feel like I need a taste of Taiwan.


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