Having moved to Hong Kong after graduating a few summers ago, I thought I’d best start something that allowed all my fans to keep tabs on me. Incredibly, since leaving formal education, it turns out that I’ve been on a constant learning curve and it seemed only fitting to share my new found wisdom and how it might have come about with anybody that might stumble upon this blog. It’s amazing what you learn and how you learn it when you step out of your own front gate – in my case this front gate happened to be the beautiful English county of Yorkshire. Despite loving where I’m from, it’s never really been my intention to be sticking in one place for very long, so the moment I could, I left, and I have very little intention of returning any time soon. (Sorry fam)

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and that you leave here feeling a little wiser. If you have any questions or comments then feel free to send a kindly worded email at byebyeblighty.outlook.com, or my personal favourite of handwritten letter delivered by some form of bird. Alternatively, just leave a comment on one of my posts because it’s probably the best way to get a response.

Currently in: Torino, Italia.
Soon to be in: Nepal – India – Sri Lanka


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  1. I just came across this travel blog as I am about to graduate college with a business degree this spring and am interested in seeing the world! I just want to know how exactly you moved out there and all the deets…(by yourself? How much money? How you found a job/living arrangements!?) -so many questions!


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    1. Hello. Happy to help you! Where are you from and what are you wanting to do? I started off applying for teaching jobs in Hong Kong, which is an easy job to get if you are a native English speaker. In fact, this is true for the majority of Asia but places like HK, Taiwan, Korea and Japan are good places to station yourself if you want the opportunity for lots of travel, because you earn a lot. Teaching is not my preferred job, but I do really love it and it’s the best way to stay in Asia, earn well and have lots of time for travel. I actually want to be a writer and I managed to do this on the side in Hong Kong too, so it’s a good gateway into a country to find other jobs too. If you’re interested in teaching then there are a lot of recruiters to go through initially – try Reach to Teach or On the Mark. If you’re interested in Taiwan specifically, I currently work for a company called Shane. You can email the head of recruitment in Taiwan, Richard Ward, you’ll find the email on ShaneEnglish Taiwan website (mention that I sent you there – Ella Watson) You’ll basically just need your TEFL or something equivalent certificate, which you can do online on the side of your studies, which is exactly what I did. It’s pretty straightforward. I only applied a few weeks before I moved out here, so you don’t need to prepare too much in advance. Your working visa etc will all be sorted once you arrive at the destination so you just need to book the flight really.

      I moved out here by myself yes, and you’ll make friends quickly so I wouldn’t worry about that. I guess I’d say that even if you’re a bit nervous to do it, then do it anyways and remember at the end of the day, if you don’t end up liking it, your home is at the other end of a flight. Most places have things going on to network and if you’re teaching, chances are you’ll be training with a group of people too who will most likely end up being your friend. Also, if you happen to decide on HK, Taiwan or Japan, I know quite a few people who I can definitely put you in contact with.

      If you get a job before you come out here then chances are they’ll help you with living arrangements, or you can do what I have done and just bunk with friends or skip around hostels for the first month or so until you find a place. I think it’s better to do it this way if you are comfortable moving to a place with no idea where you’re going to live – because at least you can get a feel of the cost of living, the areas to be and the areas to avoid, and maybe even give yourself the chance to find flatmates.

      When I first came out to Asia, I worked for the summer at Edinburgh fringe to save some money. It was only 6 weeks of intense work but I found it got me through to my first paycheque okay, but in hindsight a little extra cash would have been much better. This time around, in Taiwan, I lived off my final paycheque in Hong Kong and some savings from there – it has gone much further. If you have savings, you’ll probably dip into them to begin with and pay yourself back, because setting yourself up anywhere, especially abroad can take quite a bit of cash sometimes. But like I said, if you choose places like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and Japan then you’ll quickly make it back.

      If you have any more questions just let me know. Hope that helped!


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