If you know me then you’ll probably be aware that Italy holds a particularly special place in my heart – it is the location of some of my earliest travel memories, from being about 5 and riding on the back of an Italian man’s scooter through grape vines, to more recent trips travelling Rome and the Amalfi Coast with my best friend, living in Emilia-Romagna for four months and most recently exploring the Italian Alps with my Dad and brother. I’m a big fan so any trip I recommend to Italy is going to be clouded with a large amount of bias. It has food worth getting fat for, beautiful cities, rolling countrysides, the most melodic language ever and some of the loveliest people in the world. What is not to love?

I’ve tried to put together some of the most beautiful trips I have had the pleasure of experiencing in this incredible country though I will no doubt be back whenever I next return to Europe to expand that collection.